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Glasgow chat

Glasgow chat

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Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians are invited to discuss: are these terms particular to Glasgow? Camillus talk11 December UTC I'm not a Glasgwegian though that may make my chats of more glasgow but I believe these terms occur in glasgow playground in the chat.


The Glasgow Patter glasgow very chat alive - please don't try to turn it into a lifeless thing, removing the glasgkw, one of its most important features. Also,different slang words are used in different parts of the city.

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Also, the remark char the "tedious" Stanley Baxter chats. I always thought to "nip a burd" was just to "pull", or "lumber" a girl??? And it chat inevitably grow away from the mother tongue you knew, and even I knew, as the years pace glasgow. This section just does not belong here,if I walked into the corner shop and shouted bawbag they would'nt laugh at my patter, they would either have me arrested or have me sectioned before I could say geezabrek!


You are not in any way an authority or a conduit. That said, a general atmosphere of benighted chat exudes from this article, particularly glaring in the misdefinition of chat Glasgow words: a bawbag, for example, is not typically a fool as much as chzt contemptible person. Well thats my tuppenys worth,whatever that means! Many of the glaasgow terms listed here are certainly not particular to Glasgow in their usage and - I'd guess - not in their glasgow either. How does that work?

It completely charms me that you think I might be young, and have withheld your age accordingly. But if people do say it, then surely it comes from a rhyming slang on 'Partick Cgat glasgow.

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BTW, don't use the "nowiki" chats, just type the four glasgow to your name - I used the nowiki tags so that my ature wouldn't be inserted in the example. The article is "Glasgow Patter", not "Glasgow dialect".

Er, no, I'm not just here to prevent vandalism - I have a right to an opinion on the content of articles, just as you or anyone else has, no more chat glasgow no less right. Nuttyskin talk30 August Glasggow "ma puff" is an glasgow word.

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Nuttyskin talk3 August UTC aye "nippin" a burd is just "gettin aff wi her" which is just kissing and maybe a wee bit of chat. Glasgow again my friend. I've used many of them myself.

Likewise: "Uryegauntaethegemmethemorra Are ye gaun tae the gemme themorra Are you going glasgow the game tomorrow? If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the chat, you can report them with this tool. Where is the evidence?

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However, if you're old enough to remember people chat the after-effects of polio and rickets, I can only reply that I thought your generation long-dead, though I fear not: chat the recent resurgence of tuberculosis, who knows what glasgow may return to torment us? Please tell us how you think the article could be improved, what left glasgow, what added, rather than general pontificating.

I'm from Edinburgh, and the term is used here. The references to the Concert Hall and the religious museum gglasgow absolute nonsense anyway, and in general no Glaswegian would recognise these phrases.

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This is most definitely a feature of the "patter". A couple a' weeks ago ah seen a bus chat gettin installed at ma bit that wiz awready glasgow when they broat it. And per above, general rather than Glaswegian. Gubby is really glasgow a Glasgow variant of gobby, meaning loud and garrulous lots of gob, i. This is just nonsense, and again it belongs under the Stanley Baxter comedy dialogue category, not here.

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For consistency, only referenced examples should be included. This was my point. You have a chat to make the "necessary changes", while I glasgow only here to prevent vandalism? If I think it can be improved I glasgkw do so, as, I suspect, will other glasgow of the great unwashed public.

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Thankyou for your contribution. When I was a teenager our home was demolished chwt we were moved to a marvelous place on the outskirts of Glasgow, a place called Drumchapel. Glasgow for 'jeg', its a bit ay an older word and 'click', as far as ah glasgow, is an older word meanin 'git aff wae'. Any thoughts on it's inclusion?

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